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If it were not for the support of donors and volunteers like you, the world we see today would have been a very difficult place to live in. We urge you to contribute #OneDayForFuture and help the NGOs associated with i2u Social Foundation make an sustainable impact. Choose any number of the 12 priority social causes that is close-to-your-heart and accordingly the NGOs who are working in the social cause that you selected will be aligned. Your contribution could be just one day's earning or time. We guarantee maximum result for your contribution along with transparent reporting and sustainable impact, which will be visible in your dashboard in real-time.

Donate to i2u Social Foundation, Claim Tax Exemption under 80(G), Save Tax

i2u Social Foundation is registered under Section 12A and 80(G) (5) of the Income Tax Act and your donation is eligible for a 50% tax deduction on the amount paid. (Note: The amount of donation should not exceed 10% of your Adjusted Gross Total Income). Want to avail tax exemption? Make a donation in a NGO today!

You will immediately get a receipt for your online donation and a certificate under Section 80G which would contain all the requisite details to claim for deduction and save income tax. Join the growing Samaritans donating to fundraiser for NGOs and contributing to the betterment of society and supporting hundreds of NGOs associated with i2u Social Foundation.

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Volunteer for NGOs

Volunteer certificate program helps you to gain new skills, knowledge, and experience. You can gain accreditation or use your professional skills or knowledge to benefit community by contributing your time as a volunteer with our partner NGOs at your preferred location. Give your time to support #OneDayForFuture with our trusted NGOs and make an impact in the society. Get rewarded with a volunteer certificate issued by i2u Social Foundation and the supporting NGO.

Questions related to tax exemption

Income Tax exemption refers to the amount which are exempt from taxation. Such exemptions are usually given to amount spent for charitable purposes, provided that the institution to which you gave the amount is registered and authorized to give such exemptions.
The contributions or donations that you make for charitable institution or NGOs may be eligible for the benefit of tax exemption under 80G, provided such institutions or NGOs are registered and authorized to provide such benefits.
Donations to i2u Social Foundation exceeding Rs 500/- are eligible tax exemption for 50% of the amount donated under Section 80G of Income Tax Act. This basically means that 50% of the amount that you donate to i2u Social Foundation can be deducted from the total taxable income for purpose of calculation of tax.
i2u Social Foundation seeks Rs 730/- as the minimum amount of donation.
i2u Social Foundations facilitates easy donations with wallets, banking channels, and online transactions for ease and convenience of donors. Cash donations are acceptable but only to authorized representatives and should be under Rs.2,000/-.
All donations above the minimum amount will be acknowledged with a valid receipt within 10 days.
i2u Social Foundation will issue a Tax Exemption Certificate within 10 days of receiving the donations. Request for a printed copy of the Certificate may take additional time to accommodate the courier process.
Yes, we can send you another copy of the Certificate, which can also be downloaded from the dashboard after you log into your account on i2u website.
Yes, NRI (Non-Resident Indian), who are holding a valid Indian passport are eligible to tax exemption certificate for the donations made to i2u Social Foundation.

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