Ngo Name:Transcendental Meditation

30-01-2020 Noida

Impact: Transcendental Meditation

Description:Meditation is the state of mental balance and awareness. To keep it continued, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi founded the Spiritual Regeneration Movement Foundation where they teach Transcendental Meditation (Transcendental Meditation India) to promote positivity, peace, prosperity, and bliss in the society through a large group of people practicing it.

Ngo Name:Routes2Roots

22-09-2020 R-19, LGF Hauz-khas New Delhi-110016, India

Impact: Routes2Roots

Description:Music has no religion, country, or political agenda, Music breaks through the barriers of community, Music unifies people from all walks of life, Music brings peace into the world. This world peace day, we endorse our exclusive NGO partner ‘Virsa’ for their years of efforts towards making an impact on peace with their programs and workshops on spreading the melody of music knowledge throughout the country.