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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a mandatory undertaking for corporations under Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013. Instead of seeing CSR as a tick-in-the-box process, Corporations can use CSR to their advantage.

At India Is Us (i2u Social Foundation), through our CSR services for corporates in India, we ensure every rupee of corporate CSR fund is well spent and creates an impact in the real world. We guarantee that the CSR activities benefit society and corporations a like.

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India Is Us provides comprehensive CSR services for corporates in India. From providing CSR advisory services to assessing the IMPACT of CSR programs, we provide every service involving CSR.

CSR Advisory Services

As a CSR advisor, we make sure that our corporate client gains maximum value from their CSR efforts. We align CSR activities with brand goals and cultivate a positive brand image. Further, we help establish CSR policy in compliance with the law.

Our advisory role also involves creating effective CSR program strategies, promoting stakeholder engagement, choosing the right NGO partner, volunteer management strategy, employee participation strategy, monitoring CSR activities, carrying out impact studies, impact assessment, tax benefit consultation, and more. We provide the most extensive CSR advisory services in India.

Corporate-NGO Linkage

Finding the right implementing agency is the key to an impactful CSR program. At India Is Us, we form the perfect corporate-NGO linkage. We pick suitable NGO partner that can achieve an organization’s CSR objectives by assessing their capacities, capabilities, work performance, and integrity.India Is Us engages with numerous NGOs from across diverse fields. We initiate dialogue between the corporate client and the NGO, help understand each other's requirements, design CSR programs, monitor implementation, and track progress. We also

CSR Activities Monitoring

Effective monitoring is the key to ensuring the success of CSR activities. As a partner consultant, India Is Us carries out extensive CSR activities monitoring and evaluation. We ensure transparency, accountability and efficiency in CSR programs.

We collect and analyze data from the client’s CSR initiatives. The data is used to identify gaps in implementation, performance improvements, ethical consideratons, etc. Through effective monitoring, we ensure that the CSR activities align with the organization’s values, mission and goals and check whether the implementing agency is adhering to best practices in social service delivery.Through our monitoring services, we make sure that the corporate client is making a smart CSR investment.

Advisory and consulting services

India Is Us (i2u Social Foundation) has subject experts to provide value additional services to corporate houses. You can avail our advisory and consulting services to seek counsel on legal compliance under CSR, Smart CSR investments, employee pro-bono and volunteering strategy and roadmapping, Monitoring and evaluation of programs, and Impact assessments.

Research Services

At India Is Us, we undertake extensive research to identify CSR opportunities for organizations. We do this by

Surveying consumers, focus groups and other stakeholders.

Identifying ways to position brand messages via CSR activities.

Conducting various research studies like population studies, baseline assessment studies, impact assessment studies, etc.

Exploring socio-economic environment of target beneficiaries.

Providing CSR audit reports, environmental impact assessment reports, etc.

For the best CSR services for corporates in India, we are the right choice. We have more to offer. Contact us and know more about our CSR advisory services.

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