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Every effort, however small, to make earth a better place is a priceless service to humanity. India Is Us (i2u Social Foundation) believes that your individual small effort has the potential to create a sustainable earth for all.
#OneDayForFuture, a campaign led by India Is Us (i2u Social Foundation), strives to encourage and motivate people to the idea of structured giving. This idea of giving includes monetary help, as well as, donating time and skills for a cause that one may feel connected with. Start with donating a day's worth of time or earnings every week, every month or every year.
India Is Us (i2u Social Foundation) will recognise the participants who contribute #OneDayForFuture. Persons donating one day in a year would be awarded a Bronze certificate as a token of gratitude in recognition of their contribution. Those donating one day per month would beget a Silver certificate and donors contributing one day per week would be awarded with a Gold certificate.
#OneDayForFuture appreciates all the unnamed heroes whose efforts remain largely unseen. But it is their constant and consistent contribution that eventually brings about a change for the better.
The enthusiastic response to contribute #OneDayForFuture motivates India Is Us (i2u Social Foundation) to invite you to make a difference. Come, let's make a better world!

Volunteer or donate your support for any of these 12 social causes, and 100s of NGO working with us in each of these causes.

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