Ngo Name:Kiran - A ray of hope in Lives

13-02-2020 UP

Impact: Kiran

Description:Disability is not a curse, it is an opportunity to strive harder and emerge victoriously and KIRAN Society is striving hard to make a society where children and persons with disabilities are welcomed, supported and encouraged. If you also want to be change maker, get involved with #OneDayForFuture #Differentlyabled #SocialCauses

Ngo Name:We Are One

09-01-2020 Delhi

Impact: We are one

Description:The journey of We Are One is full of self-belief, hard work, commitment, conviction, and hope. Mr. Husnain, the founder himself is a differently-abled professional wheelchair dancer who has proved that disability is not a hindrance to success. He works with all abled artists on wheelchairs, hearing, and speech impaired artists who believe that dance has no barriers. If you want to be the change maker, get involved with #IndiaIsUs #OneDayForFuture #DifferentlyAbled #SocialCauses