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Proposal Writing Is Your Foot In The Door

Wednesday , 19 May 2021- 5 min. read
Proposal Writing Is Your Foot In The Door

Corporate funding is a scarce resource in the NGO sector. While the donor agencies are stretched with their funds, NGOs must work harder to get the funds for their project. Making a solid impression can help an NGO tip the scales in its favor.

For a solid impression, your project proposal must be impeccable. Here is where proposal writing is the key.

You may know your NGO in and out. But, you may be new to proposal writing. Your proposal writing skills thus matter while acquiring funds.

Now, how exactly should you go about proposal writing? Let us find out.

How Does Proposal Writing Help?

A proposal is essentially a marketing document where, as an NGO, you will let the potential donor know about your project. Submitting a proposal is the first step in establishing a long-term relationship with a donor. And most often, donor agencies trust NGOs that come to them with a written document.

In the proposal, you will be detailing the project, how you will implement it, the extent of funds that the project requires, and more detailed information.

An effectively written proposal will help beat the competition for funds in the NGO sector. It showcases the worthiness of your project to the donor. Effective proposal-writing also enables the NGO to plan its activities and manage the budget.

While a well-written proposal is your pass through the door, a poorly-written one will shut the door for you.

But, no need to worry. You can take the assistance of India Is Us for proposal writing. Being a well-known CSR Consultancy in Bangalore, we have the industry knowledge and expertise in proposal writing for NGOs.

Proposal Writing Approach

Each donor agency has a specific proposal format, but the basic framework of writing a proposal remains the same.

In general, a proposal includes

  • Problem statement
  • Project rationale or jurisdiction
  • Project goal and objectives
  • Strategies and activities

Do Research

As a first step in writing the proposal, you must research the potential donor. It helps you tailor the proposal to that donor. Though it is extra work, it will pay off as it increases the chances of your proposal getting accepted.

Follow Basic Proposal Structure

The next is to write the proposal. Follow the basic proposal structure like starting with the introduction, summary of the project, addressing the challenges, project costs, implementing strategies, outcomes anticipated, etc.

Include Donor Benefits

While there are donors who would support a non-profit project without expecting benefits, but some donors anticipate benefits. Therefore, include details of how the project would benefit the donor agency. For example, if the donor is a corporate, detail how your project increases the visibility of the corporate, how the project can become a marketing avenue, etc.

NGO History

Conclude the proposal by writing about your NGO. Write about your NGO’s history, credentials, achievements, vision and mission statement, etc. Many NGOs err by writing too much about their NGO at the beginning of the proposal itself. Take it from us self-boasting is always counterproductive.

Need Expert Assistance?

Proposal writing is at the very heart of an NGO’s fundraising process. Your success or failure in securing the fund depends on how well you write the proposal.

Most often, the skill required to write an effective proposal is lacking with the managers of an NGO. For such NGOs, India Is Us is here to help.

As part of our CSR activities, we provide proposal writing services for NGOs. We have extensive knowledge of what corporates seek in a proposal, and we tailor-make your proposal document to achieve funding success.

Our services are available pan-India. We offer CSR Consultancy in Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Noida.

If you are interested in knowing more about proposal writing services, please give us a call.

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