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Top 5 Fundraising Platforms and Companies in India 2024 - Indian Fundraising Sites

Tuesday , 07 May 2024- 5 min. read
Top 5 Fundraising Platforms and Companies in India 2024 - Indian Fundraising Sites

Having enough funds keeps a Non-Government Organisations (NGO) project running. But, in India, home to the largest number of NGOs globally, fundraising for NGOs is a huge challenge. 

Till a few years back, there were limited avenues for NGOs to seek funding. Fortunately, awareness about the importance of NGOs in society, laws mandating voluntary funding, and technological advancements have made fundraising for NGOs easy. 

There are numerous fundraising platforms and fundraising companies in India that connect NGOs with the funders or secure funding for their projects. 

Here are some top fundraising platforms and companies in India.

The Top 5 Fundraising Platforms

Fundraising platforms are online tools that allow NGOs to present their case and receive funds from different sources. A platform provides dedicated webpages for seeking donations and gives NGOs marketing tools to promote their cause, make conversations, receive funding and more.

1. Ketto

Ketto is one of the top crowdfunding platforms for NGOs. The platform has a user-friendly interface and promotes an NGO’s cause across digital channels. Its reward system for donors is the key feature that attracts charitable people. Ketto specialises in fundraising for social issues and charitable causes. 

2. ImpactGuru

Another top fundraising platform for NGOs is the Mumbai-based ImpactGuru. With its wider reach and low transaction fees, the platform is an attractive option for NGOs. The platform allows fund transfers from 100 countries. Also, ImpactGuru assigns a dedicated relationship manager to help in marketing and other activities.

3. Milaap

Milaap is one of the largest crowdfunding platforms that specialises in medical emergencies. Based in Bengaluru, the online platform allows NGOs to reach potential donors through various tools. It has easy donor onboarding and fund transfer. Its unique feature, “Impact Partners” - individuals and organisations vetted by Milaap, allows campaign creators to use them to spend their funds effectively. 

4. Donatekart

An exclusive platform for NGOs, Donatekart has a unique donation model. Instead of seeking money, the platform allows donors to donate products. An NGO can create a wishlist of products for their programs, and once a product is donated, Donatekart delivers it to the NGO.  

5. FuelADream

This Bengaluru-based crowdfunding platform is unique as it provides innovative funding offers. It has two funding offers - Keep all or Keep what you get. The two funding models offer flexibility to the NGOs. Also, FuelADream takes care of the marketing and PR of the NGOs. 

Top 5 Fundraising Companies in India

Fundraising companies are consulting firms and donation organisations that help NGOs raise funds. Unlike fundraising platforms that depend on crowdfunding, these companies help NGOs secure funds from diverse sources.

1. Give India Foundation

Give India Foundation is India’s largest NGO donation organisation. It bridges the gap between donors and NGOs and works on diverse causes. Several noted international organisations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Amazon, etc., supported Give India’s fundraising initiatives. 

2. India Is Us

A top NGO consulting company, India Is Us secures funds for NGOs from corporate firms. It specialises in linking corporations with NGOs and helps secure funds. And for Corporations with their mandatory CSR responsibilities, India Is Us helps them find the right NGO partners to spend their funds on genuine causes. Apart from fundraising, the consulting company also helps NGOs with PR, marketing, strategic planning, project monitoring, etc.

 3. Chanakya NGO Consultancy

The Chanakya NGO consultancy helps NGOs secure grants from various ministries and government departments. They do this by creating a good profile for the NGO, preparing the requisite documents, designing project proposals, etc.  

 4. Aditya NGO Consultancy

Aditya NGO consultancy uses its expertise to create unique fundraising strategies for NGOs. It tailors the strategies based on the NGO’s requirements. The firm helps NGOs with project proposals, donor research and securing funds from diverse sources.

 5. Action Aid India

Action Aid India has been at the forefront of eradicating poverty in India since 1972. The organisation supports NGOs that work for the causes of the poor and the marginalised. It seeks partners that can build strong people’s institutions. Action Aid India has been funding NGOs for a long time. 


In the current digital era, where platforms like social media disseminate information faster, fundraising for NGOs should not be difficult. There are many avenues now for NGOs to secure funding. 

Yet, some may struggle to secure funds. For those NGOs, partnering with a reliable NGO consultancy can help get funds for the cause. Only you need to pick the right agency. India Is Us is one such agency that helps NGOs secure funds from dependable sources. For more details, click here

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