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Save Environment to Save the Planet

Saturday , 01 January 2022- 5 min. read
Save Environment to Save the Planet

Mother Earth is in desperate need for help. And despite all our apathy, utmost disregard for environment, and uncontrolled pollution, we cannot and should not turn a deaf ear to the revenge the nature can extract from us for our callous attitude. There has been an intense climate change in recent years owing to air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, ozone depletion, etc.  There have been increasing instances of flooding, acid rain, soaring temperature, unpredictable weather change, cyclones, typhoons, etc, because of the way we are playing with nature. It is rightly said that what you reap is what you sow.

The revenge of nature and the catastrophes that we’re suffering are of our own making. Rampant cutting down of trees, inappropriate waste disposal, rapid urbanization, overpopulation, harmful chemicals, are some of the factors responsible for rapid deterioration of our planet.  Hardly a day passes without us hearing stories of the immense harm that our negligent action is doing to our planet. We do not have another planet to call our home, and we do not improve our behavior quickly, we’ll end up destroying our own planet, and with it we will vanish as well.

However, despite all the doom and gloom, a ray of hope stems from the fact that there are still few people left, who are doing everything they can to help save the environment and the planet. Their courageous action provides a glimmer of hope and assures us that all is not lost, and some quick action can still restore Mother Nature to her former glory. We share few stories of these brave and socially conscious people, so that it can serve as an inspiration for others to make some effort on their part to help our planet regain some of its former glory.

Jadav Payeng, a forestry worker and a diehard environmentalist from Jorhat, India, unnerved by rapid deforestation decided to transform an unfertile sandbar into a big forest reserve. Fondly called as the Forest Man of India, Payeng has been planting a tree every single day for the past 40 years along the shoal of Brahmaputra River.  It is rightly said that drops make an ocean, and today because of the untiring effort of Payeng, a 1,360-acre forest has come into existence. The lush forest known for its flora and fauna serves as home to a wide range of animals including, rhinos, elephants, boars, birds, snakes and jackals to name a few.  Payeng is still going strong, and the well-known environmentalist has vowed to keep planting a tree a day for the rest of his life.

Plastic pollution is a real environmental scourge in India’s financial capital Mumbai.  The metropolis is home to more than 20 million people. It means the dense population has led to the production of excessive amount of plastic materials. The huge amount of plastic wastes has given rise to the problem of accumulation of plastic wastes on its beaches. Most of the beaches in Mumbai are not a hotshot tourist destination, unlike say that in Goa, and as such are often neglected by authorities with their proper maintenance taking a backseat.

But then, one socially conscious citizen decided to take matters in his own hands. In 2015, a young Indian lawyer Afroz Shah, took a courageous decision of picking up garbage from the beach.  Initially, he was alone but as the word about his courageous action spread, more and more people started coming forward to join the noble cause. As of now, Shah has motivated more than 1,000 volunteers to lend him a helping hand in cleaning up the dirty Mumbai beaches.  So far Shah, and his band of volunteers have picked up and removed around 5.3 million kilograms of garbage from the beach, calling it the ‘world’s largest beach clean-up project’. The once heavily-polluted beach, which was an eyesore has now become the cynosure of all eyes, because of its cleanliness and beauty. It has also become a popular tourist spot, as people both from Mumbai and outside it flock to the beach to enjoy its beauty. 

Cleanup Ocean is a government based non-government environmental organization whose main focus to clean up the seas by extracting plastic wastes from the oceans. This is indeed a noble work, one which requires immediate attention of authorities and citizens.

The urgency of removing plastic wastages from our ocean and sean cannot be overemphasized as plastic pollution in water bodies have become a global crisis. Manual labor though certainly appreciable, is not sufficient to clean up the mammoth amount of plastic wastages strewn around our seas and oceans.  To put it in perspective, and to understand the gravity of the situation, it is worth mentioning that there are around 5 trillion plastic pieces dispersed all over the planet’s bodies of water.

Since 2013, the NGO in conjunction with different manufacturers and organizations has been sourcing machines capable of extracting gigantic amounts of plastic from the water. One of the most technologically-advanced cleaning devices is the System 001, a 600-meter man-made coastline deployed in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The artificial coastline imitates the ocean’s natural forces to collect plastic garbage.  With this type of machines and related state of the art system, the organization aims of cleaning around 10% of the total waste in the next five years.  And by 2040, the organization feels it will possess the capability to eliminate 90% of the plastic waste and garbage from the water bodies across the globe. 

Every effort, however small, to make earth a better place is a priceless service to humanity. India Is Us (i2u Social Foundation) believes that your individual small effort has the potential to create a sustainable earth for all.

India Is Us (i2u Social Foundation) works with well-known non-government environmental organizations such as Green Yatra, Save Green, and Tree Craze Foundation to encourage and motivate people to the idea of environmental conservation.  This platform allows people to connect with NGOs that are active in causes that one may feel connected with. For more information, you can call 95997 75838 r drop a mail at

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