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About the NGO

Igniting Dreams of Young Minds Foundation (IDYM) is an NGO with a unique approach to social service. IDYM is focused on enabling children to explore their potential in space science, primarily satellite technology.

The foundation conducts workshops for children on satellite technology with hands-on experience. The lectures in these workshops are delivered by reputed space experts from NASA, ISRO, DRDO, BARC, HAL, NAL, and many IITians.

It is the dream of IDYM founders Mr. Ratnesh Mishra, Ms. Jyoti Mishra, and Mr. Ravishankar Kumar to make India self-reliant in satellite technology and have a ready pool of space talent in the country. In this endeavor, the founders, along with inspiring young minds to pursue space studies, are in the process of establishing a first-of-its-kind space school in India.

Though IDYM is located in Gaya, Bihar, the foundation conducts its workshops and programs in schools and colleges across India and the world. The training for children in satellite technology is at hi-tech space labs and IDYM partnered organizations in the country and abroad.

Currently, the Non-Government Organisation (NGO) has over 50 volunteers. They are helping IDYM in developing a unique space education curriculum. They also deliver lectures at workshops and provide experiential training to children.

Once a child completes the workshop or a program, IDYM provides a global certificate, valid anywhere in the world. Apart from space technologies, the NGO also provides training in drone technology and rocket science for the interested.

Other Causes:Child Welfare

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