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Gramin Evam Nagar Vikas Parishad

Gramin Evam Nagar Vikas Parishad


About the NGO

Genesis & Background

The organization was established on November 14, 1984 with the vision to provide a platformfordiscussion and action on developmental issues concerning the poor. Gramin EvamNagar VikasParishad (GENVP) was founded by a group of like-minded intellectual associates to involve therural and urban poor in various developmental activities. The organization has imbibed the thoughtsexpressed by the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi and another visionary, Loknayak JaiprakashNarayan, that development can only take place when the people, especially the rural peoplearemobilized to participate in their own development. Accordingly, GENVP is committed to concentrateon the empowerment of people, especially women, Children & Dalits in the villages, realizingthatwomen, Children & Dalits are the strongest agents of social change and through themtheothersections can also be reached.

Vision Achieving a self-reliant rural society with self-governance, peace, equity and justice.


1. Community organization for initiating social action.

2. Facilitating the establishment of sustainable health care system.

3. Empowerment of women and bringing gender equity in rural society.

4. Ensuring economic development and creating sustainable opportunity to weaker section.


To promote and develop Community health through establishment of health centres, whichimplement family planning programmes and disseminate health-related education.

 To arrange library and reading room facilities etc. for education to masses.

 To promote, undertake and set up centers for research, evaluation, educational activities andfurtherance of the aims and objectives of the organization.

 To implement employment oriented programmers for neglected and weaker sections of thesociety including the rehabilitation of orphans, widows and destitute women by encouraginghandicraft and villages industries.

 To perform other such works which are essential for social, economic and cultural development of the society.

 To promote and develop appropriate rural technology.

 To promote and develop non-conventional energy sources.

 To work for environment protection and a pollution free atmosphere.

 To promote village agro-industries, irrigation, safe drinking water, social forestry, agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry.

 To promote integrated area development.

 To collaborate with other organizations having similar objectives.

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