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Second Act

Second Act


About the NGO

Second Act enables the community to pave that pathway through self-discovery, so one can tap their inner potential and change their outer world for the better. They believe that all human beings have inherent greatness and we only need to enable them to discover it and unlock their unknown potential. They aim to make people experience the joy in their Second Act through their impactful interventions. Team Second Act work on the need gaps, listen to the inner enquires, and create the willingness to bring in a change. They believe that the first step to any transformation is self-acceptance, which in turn makes us happy professionals & successful leaders to lead purposeful organizations. Well-being is otheir flagship vertical, in which they explore various tools & techniques to bring in a balance across Mind, Body & Soul. They build and transform people potential by emphasizing on life skills and personal value they bridge the performance gaps.

Talk to the NGO founder, by writing to us at or call us at +91 9599775838

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