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Sachhi Saheli

Sachhi Saheli


About the NGO

Sachhi Saheli is an NGO with a mission to enable all the levels of our society to act collectively to 'let' every woman lead a life on her terms. It aims to fight social taboos, break through stigmas to give voice to women and talk about everything that the society hesitates to discuss. Shock, shame and lack of awareness leads one fourth of girls in India to quit schools when they start menstruating. It is sheer humiliation that the world' s largest democracy that is moving towards modernity is facing such primitive and trivial social issues which are still unattended.

Sachhi Saheli is different from other organizations in the very approach of tackling these social problems it intends to act on the causes rather than the symptoms. Women helpline numbers, SOS agencies, rehabilitation centers, all focus on the after-math of incidents of harassment that women face every day. Sachhi Saheli aims to attack the evil right where it is conceived, the society.

The founder of Sachhi Saheli, Dr. Surbhi Singh, found herself facing discrimination at a very early age at her home itself. While growing up, she faced many questions for which she had no answers. Since she comes from an extremely conservative background, she never dared to ask her family, teachers and siblings. She was then left with questions like, why a girl should not talk aloud about menstruation.

Why a girl is always blamed if she is harassed? It didn' t take much thought for her to realize that it is because of the parenting that we all receive in our childhood that fails to answer such questions. People with similar questions joined in with Dr. Surbhi and have pledged to make Sachhi Saheli a success.

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