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About the NGO

Saathi Foundation Dhanbad is working for giving free education to the needy children for the last 5 years as well as the attention of the healthy, and there is a lot of children in the institution whose mother is not the father, whose parents, whose parents are the father. He is financially very weak, who is working with wages, the Ernahan Alam of the institution, the work of the institution, the Ernav Alam is working on the education, so that the child can make his identity through the education and go along with the service of the country, it is going to feed the 75 days between the people in the epidemiation in the epidemios in the country in 2020, as the people who were false in the episodes of the core as India in the year 2020, the people who were wearing food and folding food to go to their house going to be their house. There institution is working to be able to benefit the needy logo in the work of making people who are possible in the form of blood donation camp, eye Camp, Health Camp, place

Other Causes:Litercy and Education

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